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LAMEANT is an innovative chemical company offering quality assured products within continuity and reliability. Currently, it has 5000 tons of annual production capacity of epoxy resin and hardener and a wide range of diverse chemicals. LAMEANT continues to determine quality factors and lead the local market in terms of product quality. LAMEANT is commited to develop innovative, next-generation, nature-friendly products and aims to continously serve the best to its renowned customers. Its production plant is located in Istanbul, Turkey and it utilizes this geographical advantage for the benefit of offering cost-effective solutions to its customers. Within these advantages, the young and innovative chemical company, LAMEANT, continues to serve in the Middle Eastern, European, African, Middle Asian and Caucasian markets. Functional Expertise; Manufacturing, quality assurance and marketing of general purpose solvent based or solventless epoxy resins, polyamine, polyamide and polyamidoamide based epoxy curing agents(hardener), accelerators, catalysts and etc... Sectoral Expertise; Self Levelling, Flooring, Primer, Marine, Transparent 3D System, Composites, Adhesives, Marble, Natural Stone, Chemical Anchor applications and more.